Meet the Staff

Cheryl with doggies

Miss Cheryl with Zuzu and Hugo

Miss Cheryl

In her role as President of Poop Scooping and Miscellaneous Stuff, Cheryl manages the operational aspects of Dancing Star Farm bed&bone. Under the watchful eye of the canine staff, it is her responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep the place operating, clean and fun for guests.

Cheryl has been involved in animal welfare groups and dog rescue for over a decade, working with breed specific rescues and shelters. Through her Dancing Star Dog Rescue, she’s placed over 100 dogs in homes throughout the Pacific Northwest and fostered or transported countless others as they awaited forever homes.

Currently the “Pet Expert” for KATU-TV’s AM Northwest, Cheryl has served on numerous boards and advisory groups focused on animal welfare issues, and is developing pet products that will help to ensure the well-being of pets.

Miss ZuZu

Miss ZuZu welcomes guests to Dancing Star Farm bed&bone, always the perfect hostess.  She oversees every detail of each guest’s stay and does her doggiest to make them feel comfortable and at home.

Miss ZuZu, a Chihuahua/Maltese mix, was rescued from a puppy mill at the age of 5 months and is the senior ranking member of the Dancing Star Dog management team.  Her attention to every doggy detail and her lively, outgoing personality have earned her a five paw rating from our guests.


Hugo, the resident Yorkshire “terriorist”, serves as the official door greeter and concierge for Dancing Star Farm bed&bone. Hugo announces the arrival of all guests with his friendly, exuberant bark and runs circles around all who visit. He’s quick to assist newcomers in understanding daily routines and will gladly lead a tour of the accommodations and grounds.

Hugo came to Dancing Star Farm as a puppy when he was rescued from horrible conditions in a breeding operation.  Fortunately he emerged unscathed from the awful situation and is one of the friendliest little guys anyone could hope to meet. He is especially accommodating when tipped properly with belly rubs.

The Dancing Star Dogs

Our farm is packed with pooches. Some of these dogs are permanent residents, others were deemed unadoptable and became permanent fosters, still others are fosters awaiting homes through our rescue or other similar programs, and a few are just passing through on their way to forever homes or other foster situations.

Be assured that resident dogs and rescue friends have their own accommodations on the farm. Our bed&bone rooms and play areas are reserved exclusively for our petite pups and b&b staff.

Hank the Horse

Hank the HorseHankie Horse has been the main man in the pasture at Dancing Star Farm for five years. A paint gelding of 14 years, he stands an impressive 15.3 hands and sports stunning blue eyes.  Hank loves attention, especially when it involves food, and provides endless hours of entertainment with his equine antics. He appears unfazed by barking.

Opie, Onyx and Oink

3Goats_IMG_0032The Dancing Star goaties embrace the monumental task of eradicating blackberries on the farm.  It’s a never-ending job and one that few have the stomach to tackle, but not these boys… they relish the challenge and attack the stubborn vines with gusto. These little guys are Nigerian dwarf goats, just about as tall as they are wide and believe they are actually dogs on a strange diet.  We don’t have the heart to tell them otherwise.