Frequently Asked Questions

Dancing Star Farm bed&bone welcome signWhat is Dancing Star Farm bed&bone?

We are an in-home “boutique hotel” for small dogs located on a six acre farm tucked into a side-pocket of suburbia west of Wilsonville, Oregon. We are insured to offer maximum protection for your pet.

When you say “pooch petite”, what does that mean?

We consider a “pooch petite” to be any dog 25lbs or less. Of course, we will consider a small dog with a weight management issue and a sweet disposition. Who knows, a few days of fun on the farm might take off a couple of those unwanted pounds!

How do I reserve a spot for my petite pooch at Dancing Star Farm bed&bone?

We require that your pup be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on all annual and rabies shots, a bordatella shot within SIX months of a stay on the farm, worming and flea treatment, be in good health (unless you’ve made special arrangements to accommodate a recovering or hospice dog) and has an agreeable temperament.

We also ask that you fill out an Admission Form and bring your pup to Dancing Star Farm bed&bone for a temperament evaluation prior to his/her first stay. We require a Boarding Agreement be signed prior to any stay at the farm.

If you and your pooch agree that Dancing Star Farm bed&bone is to your liking, please make a reservation by calling 1-888-830-1008 or requesting a reservation through this website. Advanced reservations are advised, especially during holiday and peak travel seasons.

What should I bring for my pup when he/she stays at Dancing Star Farm bed&bone?

Pretend you’re sending a kid to camp!  Bring everything you’d like to make your pet feel at home–your pet’s food (required), any special treats or medications, favorite toys or blankets,or kennel if your pup has a preference, and anything else that will make your doggie comfortable and secure. We want this to be a pleasant experience for your friend, a home away from home, so haul in whatever he/she would like! And just like camp, be sure you mark your pet’s belongings so there’s no confusion about whose stuff belongs to what household. FAIR WARNING: Be aware that toys may not survive the b&b experience!

What are your drop off/pick up times?

We are very flexible and handle all drop off/pick ups on an individual, appointment basis. We strive to accommodate our pet parents’ busy schedules and offer convenience in our scheduling.   However, we ask that drop off and pick up be scheduled between 8 am and 8 pm….otherwise, no one gets any rest and we are all just too dog tired!!!!

Where will my pet sleep?

Depends on your pet’s preference! We have all kinds of doggie beds, cushions, furniture and of course, Miss Cheryl’s bed, available for consideration. Should your pet prefer a kennel for sleep, bring that along for the staycation.

Your pup will feel right at home at Dancing Star Farm bed&bone.

Your pup will feel right at home at Dancing Star Farm bed&bone.

How will my pup spend his/her day at the farm?

Pups get up around 7 am, have breakfast and go out for supervised fun in our fully fenced, secure play yard where they romp til they drop.  Nap time, followed by more play, followed by more napping, followed by dinner, some TV time, then bed around 11. If your pup requires more than two feedings per day, no problem!

We have toys, a puppy playhouse, agility tunnel and other fun for the fidos. Our play yard is cleaned daily and sanitized regularly to ensure a tidy, safe environment for our guests. We have a doggie door that is open all day in decent weather and the pups have free run of bed&bone areas in the house.

What happens if my pet gets sick while I’m away?

Prior to leaving your pet in our care, we require that you set up payment arrangements with your veterinarian’s office.  We do not cover veterinary expenses for pets in our care.

I have a dog that will be recovering from surgery or may need hospice care. Can you accommodate that?

Yes, we can. We make arrangements for pups that need more privacy and specialized care. We do administer oral medications. We cannot give shots or run IV lines.

My puppy is only 12 weeks old. Can she stay at Dancing Star Farm bed&bone?

If your puppy has had 3 rounds of shots and is on the track to potty trained, we’re happy to accommodate her. We LOVE puppy breath!

Help! I don’t have time to bring my pooch to the farm.  Do you have pet transportation available?

Yes, we do!  Our pet “limo” service is $1.50 a mile with a minimum charge of $10 for one-way transport.  We’re happy to make arrangements to shuttle your sweetie to the farm.

I imagine that life on the farm can sometimes be a lot of dusty fun.  Do you offer any bathing or grooming services?

You’re right! Free range on the farm may be a blast, but this country environment can leave city dwellers a little dusty. If you’d like your pup to have a bye-bye bath, our spa charges $15 for a bath and brush out. We do not offer formal grooming services, nor do we trim any nails except our own.