A new family member!

Say hello to Miss Violet!  She’s the newest addition to the Dancing Star Farm pack and brings a certain sophistication to this rowdy bunch.  She’s quite the little lady but also seems to have a bit of a stubborn streak and a strong opinion about what she wants and when she wants it. 🙂  She’ll have plenty of doggie friends here at the bed&bone but we’ll see if she deigns to play with them.  Right now, I believe she will be seeking princess status (because, of course, ZuZu is still and always queen).  We’ re delighted that she chose to make Dancing Star her home and look forward to watching her grow into a fine girl.Violet11wks

Lucy, the Maltese, earns her keep!

Our guest Lucy has assumed the role of office assistant, overseeing all work on the computer from her resting place on the desktop.  A tough taskmaster!

Lyla the Lounge Lizard

Say hello to Miss Lyla who has made herself quite comfy on the wicker settee in the sunroom.  This old girl knows exactly how to enjoy her playcation….resting and relaxing!

Angel, aptly named

Despite her penchant for people food (paws off my bagel, girlie), little Angel was exactly that–an angel–during her recent playcation here at bed&bone.  What a sweet dog!  Her pet parent tells me she cried all the way home–her way of saying she had a great time with us!

Off to a new home…

Look who has found a new place to call home!  Lollipop will head to central Oregon later this month to take up forever residence in La Pine with her new people and 3 cats!  Fortunately Lolli loves a kitty, just not other small dogs!  Good luck, Lolli…we’ve loved having you at the farm.